Scope of District One

In the event of a significant man-made or natural declared disaster, Indiana Department¬† of Homeland Security can activate individual teams, which are locally organized volunteer medical teams, for any of a number of missions for which they train: the establishment and staffing of a Patient Field Treatment site; a Regional Evacuation Point, where patients will be managed as they are prepared for transport to other cities when the ability of the local EMS/hospital system cannot cope with needs; or a Patient Reception Point, and integrated into an untapped EMS System.  In addition, if the entire primary care system of an area is destroyed, District 1 MCMRST can be activated to deliver regional primary care until the local area can restore such a critical function. When hospitals have been severely affected or damaged, DISTRICT 1 MCMRST can respond to perform hospital staff relief or they can assist in hospital evacuations.

For a full description see: Standard Operating Procedures